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Testimonials From Our Clients

Barry J. Fisher

Cheryl L. Jakinovich

From: Ken


I hired Mr. Fisher in 2005 to represent me in my divorce. Mr. Fisher is an excellent attorney, as an attorney myself I was impressed with his knowledge of the law but more importantly his pragmatic approach to reaching a resolution in my case. His collegial attitude makes it possible for him to work effectively with opposing counsel while zealously advocating for his client. He sees the forest through the trees and gets both litigants and counsel to do the same. I can’t thank him more for the positive results achieved in my case.



From: Danielle


A divorce attorney is something I never thought I would need or experience in life. When that point did come in my life it was difficult and confusing. From the moment I met Barry I felt assured that I was in the right hands. It was comforting knowing you had someone looking out solely for my best interest. I’m grateful to Barry and wouldn’t be where I am today without him.



From: Minor


Barry has represented me for over 14 years. He has consistently been thoughtful, articulate and able to explain both the legal and practical aspects of matrimonial law. His experience and foresight were instrumental in structuring a lasting custody agreement that provided for the changing need of my child. Divorce is a bitter, confusing and difficult road; Barry’s advice, guidance and expertise were crucial in helping me successfully navigate the course.



From: Douglas


Barry Fisher was professional, and more importantly kind and empathetic. From start to finish, what could have been so complicated and emotionally draining, was handled with expertise and sincerity. Barry’s years of experience were apparent. I miss being married and I regret the divorce, but I could not have been in better hands...I am very satisfied. I am eternally grateful for all his efforts on my behalf to see my divorce through to completion. You helped me navigate a complicated overwhelming system and process with a lower degree if stress...Again, thank you.



From: Paul


No one wants to go through a divorce, but if you have to, it’s important to have a competent, caring and strong attorney at your side. My situation involved two very young children that will need to be provided for many years to come. It was important that we reached an agreement that allowed everyone to meet their needs. Through tough negotiations, Barry was able to accomplish just that. I was consistently informed of the progress, and was provided the comprehensive information I needed to make solid decisions. Barry constantly had the best interest of me and my children at heart. Always working diligently on our behalf. Most importantly, not only was Barry my attorney, he was a friend and counselor when times were at the worst. My thanks, once again, for all you did and accomplished, my friend.




From: Dorian


Just getting over a major health crisis and after almost 30 years of marriage I was now facing a divorce. So when I met Barry Fisher, he was nothing short of a blessing. His knowledge of law and the legal system combined with a financial background produced a favorable victory for me. I was extremely pleased with his performance in court as well as his litigation and negotiating skills. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Barry Fisher should you need a professional attorney to guide you through your family crisis.



From: Mark


Barry represented me on my divorce several years ago. Due to certain facts that arose months into the proceedings, we found ourselves not only in matrimonial court but in family court as well. His counsel and friendship in helping me understand not only the legal, but practical implications of the options available to me were invaluable in what became a very complex and emotionally charged case. He cares about helping his clients get a settlement that works well for them over the long run, not just in the present. Although most people would probably like to lose the number of their matrimonial lawyer once the case is settled, I have stayed in touch with Barry and we talk every so often. I would recommend him highly.

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